The Raven (OMD challenge day 8: matte)

Dear readers,

Time is all out of wonk here at casa de nail newbie! Just yesterday, we had day 26 of the OMD challenge - and now it's day 8? Timey wimey much? I guess that explains the blue police box I saw in my kitchen earlier. Also, my custard is gone.

Right. All readers who aren't Doctor Who fans, I apologise. A bit. I have reasons! It's Saturday and I'm feeling fine, I've got time to drink coffee at my leasure, my vacation starts next week and I'm going to see Leonard Cohen tonight. So forgive me if I seem excessively bouncy. I promise you my mani won't be.

So back on topic: Because I'm still wearing yesterday's underwater mani and can't bring myself to remove it even for the Leonard Cohen nail art I'd planned, I'm skipping today's jewelry theme on the OMD challenge and posting something for matte day instead, which I missed.

I've sung the praises of LynBDesigns Quoth the Raven (Bro You Cray Cray) before, but it really deserved to get its own post, given my fondness of Poe and ravens in general. I'll just go ahead and quote myself on the description of the polish:
This is deliciously thick and dark like the blood of some monster from Poe's imagination, black like the deepest night and a witch's cat. It's perfect for nail art - not too thick, not too liquid. On it's own, it's a two-coater. You might manage with one thick coat but why get one longer-drying coat when you can do it in two thinner and faster-drying ones? This polish dries to a semi-matte finish.

I made it fully matte for this nail art and then painted ravens on the thumb and ring finger with a glossy top coat. I like the one in flight better, the one on the thumb has a bit of a puffin beak, but I didn't notice that at the time. I then decided to add something to the other nails too and chose a design heavily inspired by this gorgeous mani by Copy That, Copy Cat.

It was really hot that day so I've got bubbles - but that's caused by the matte top coat, not Quoth the Raven, as you can see in the bubble-free picture of the polish on its own. I had some difficulty applying the polish evenly, but I'm not sure whether that's the polish or operator error. I know I've seen lots of very smooth swatches of it. It's definitely a polish I'd buy again!

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