Purple polish of... well.

Hi my dear readers,
I've been on a bit of an indie polish kick lately, trying out several new to me indie vendors. A big part of the blame thanks goes to AccioLacquer, whose blog I discovered recently and who opened up a whole world of fandom-themed indie polishes to me. Now, I knew there were polishes named after Doctor Who and Sherlock etc., but a two-part round-up of TARDIS-themed polishes? A whole section of polishes devoted to Firefly? Nerdy polish reviews of all my favourite fandoms including witty banter and fan-tastic gifs?* Yeah, I was in heaven.
* (With spoilers, so proceed with caution.)

Whew, that turned into an embarrassing amount of gushing there, didn't it? Aaaanyway, what I meant to say is that I saw lots of pretty polishes on her blog and then bought them. Among them five polishes from LynBDesigns' new Sherlock collection (descriptions may contain spoilers. By the way, if you like the look of them - she's got a 50% off sale this weekend *runs to the etsy store*)
And I decided that I can't just put the indie polishes in my monthly haul posts and leave it at that - I need to show them to you. Other blogs have better (and earlier) swatches, but I hope you'll enjoy my take on indies as well.

I'll show you the other polishes in time, but today's post is devoted to Purple Polish of Sex, seeing as today's theme in the Oh Mon Dieu, it's the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway! is purple. Now purple is one of my very favourite colours and I have a lot of purple nail polish, but none is quite like this one.

But perhaps I should first explain the name. See, the other names in the collection are straight-up references from the series, but this one is a riff on a fandom name for the incredibly tight and gorgeous purple shirt Sherlock sometimes wears in the show: the Purple Shirt of Sex. In case you're not sure what I mean, here's a picture.

And what better way to use the Purple Polish of Sex than for Purple Shirt of Sex nail art (complete with Cumberneck)? None, that's what. So here is my unabashedly fannish Sherlock nail art. I even tried to get the wrinkles of the shirt right, though it doesn't quite convey the impression that the buttons will pop off any minute like Sherlock's does. *sigh*

The polish captures the depth of the shirt's colour perfectly. It's a deep, saturated purple that seems to have blue undertones in the shade, but then you look at it in the sunlight and BAM! you see it's full of gorgeous red particles. (The photo does not, unfortunately, do it justice.) I'm officially in love.

The purple- and Sherlock-loving nail newbie

Click on the image below to see today's other purple manis!

3. Purple :
Note: Any links to external blogs or stores are pure link love - no advertising or affiliate linking going on here. I paid for everything, as my bank account would be sure to tell me if I could pull my attention away from all the polish sales.


  1. muhahahhaha
    you're insane, woman! ;)
    LOVED this to bits! And you know why heheh :D
    Only you could have such an out-of-the-blue and inventive idea for a purple mani! <3

    1. Hehehe, thank you dear :) Weirdo manis, that's what I do ;)

  2. YOU WIN THE INTERNET! I attempted shirt nail art with my PPoS but....well, it looked like a raisin. :D Fraking awesome job!

    1. OMG I'm fangirling so hard right now! YOU LIKE MY SHIRT (well, Sherlock's shirt)! Thank you, your comment made my day!

    2. <3 Well now I'm fangirling because you're fangirling! :D

    3. It's an infinite loop of fangirling! ;)

  3. I was going to say something about how good your nails looked, then I kind of got distracted by the picture of Benedict Cumberbatch, and now I can't remember what I was thinking about ;)

    1. He does tend to have that effect on people... ;) thanks!


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