A boy and his tiger (OMD challenge day 30: favourite comic book/character)

Dear readers,

Yesterday was way too hot for nail art - and even today the polish is bubbling like nobody's business. But I've had my mind set on this design for weeks. I read a lot of comic books, but Calvin and Hobbes have a special place in my heart. Funny, cute and philosophical, this duo can lift my mood anytime. 

I used Essie Marshmallow for the background, LynBDesigns Quoth the Raven, L'Oreal Lush Tangerine and p2 sunshine yellow for the art and painted a slight gradient on the other nails in LynBDesigns Oobleck. It doesn't show as well in the pictures as in real life - it's a very pretty light blue-tinged green with turquoise sparkles. I figured since Calvin loves the book Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie so much, he'd probably appreciate Bartholomew and the Oobleck as well!

Do you like Calvin and Hobbes? What's your favourite comic book character?

Check out the other designs here, such cute ones today!

30. Favourite Comic Book (or Character) :

Grab your best friend and go on an adventure!
The nail newbie 


  1. I LOVE this! This is adorable! :)

  2. ha-ha, oh no you didn'!!!!
    I LOVE CALVIN & HOBBES!!! Sweetie, these are fantastic! If I liked the Holmes & Watson one, what to say of this one?!!? It's amazing! :D
    Truly awesome indeed!

    1. Thanks so much, sweetie! We really seem to like a lot of the same things :D

    2. That's 'cause we rock so much :P
      hahahha - talk about modesty ;)

  3. SO PRETTY!! I love it :)
    My first Calvin and Hobbes comic book was a gift from my aunt and her hubby :) I love it a lot :D
    Amazing work hun :)


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