Meet me on the holodeck (OMD challenge day 7: Holo)

Dear readers,
See, I told you the daily posting wouldn't last. Yesterday wasn't a very good day and though I had prepared a mani for the OMD challenge (theme: neon), I wasn't happy with it and decided to revisit that one at a later time. But today's theme is holo, and as a holo-holic there was no way I was passing that up.

I've been rewatching Star Trek, both the original series (non-Trekkies: this is the one with Kirk and Spock) and Next Generation (the one with Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, Data the android and Worf the Klingon). I'm sort of watching them in parallel because some days I just can't appreciate papier maché rocks and 1960s innuendo enough and need me some good 1980/90s sweaters and hairdos and Earl Grey, hot.

Anyway, the other day I was watching the holodeck episode where Data is Sherlock Holmes and Geordi LaForge is his Watson and they encounter Moriarty, and I knew I needed to dedicate the holo nails to the holodeck. So here, without further ado, you have Data Sherlock Holmes wearing his death frisbee and Geordi John Watson with his visor and bowler hat. (Why do I have trouble painting bowlers but not deerstalkers? That makes no sense.) Here are a few of the pictures (spoilers) I used for inspiration (spoilers, but hilarious ones).

Business idea, dear indie polish makers: If any of you will make a linear holo collection called 'Holodeck' inspired by some of the fantastic holodeck episodes of TNG, I'll be all over it. If you make it thermal (I don't know if thermal colour changing linear holographic polish is possible, but you could be the first to try!), I will love you forever. Also, I'm pretty sure that collection (thermal or not) would sell like hotcakes. You're welcome.

Work in progress and the strongest holo effect

But back from the future to my current holo loves: The holographic polish is I Love Nail Polish 1st and 15th. (Yes, that's right, the green one - I broke down and got myself a few minis because the full ones were out, and it is indeed different than my other green holos. Take that, rational side!) This shows three coats but it's opaque in two and applies beautifully and smoothly. It's a sophisticated smoky jade green in the shade but goes all sorts of crazy in the sunlight. It's one of ILNP's 'ultra holos' and it's easy to see why they're called that - they are considerably more intense than their regular holos. If you want high-quality indie holos, I can wholeheartedly recommend ILNP (along with Literary Lacquers).

The other polishes used are flormar and drugstore polishes (s-he, essence, LOOK, Boulevard de Beauté), and that little red sensor on Geordi's visor is OPI. I'm wearing an essence top coat on the two nails with the nail art on them, the others are just the polish without any top coat.

Do you have a favourite holodeck episode? Or are you still unsure what a holodeck actually is? Which Star Trek series is your favourite?

Holodeck or holographic, check out everyone's holos here:

7. Holo :

Trekkie love,
the nail newbie

Note: Any links to external blogs or stores are pure link love - no advertising or affiliate linking going on here. I paid for everything, but can you blame me? Just look at the shiny!


  1. I remember that episode, LOL. Really really great job! :)

    1. Thank you! It's not my favourite holodeck episode but definitely good fun!


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