Hey, you! Yes, you. Wanna buy some polish?

Seriously, this is just a preview. There's more!

Dear readers,
let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to paint her nails. She enjoyed combining different polishes, making nail art, and buying new polish. She even blogged about it.
But then one day she realised she had used only two polishes for the last four months. She didn’t have time for nail art anymore, and the sight of the polishes in her drawer now filled her with anxiety, not pleasure.

With a heavy heart, she decided to sell some of her polishes. She kept a few, but the others she posted on her blog for sale so that others might give them a better home.

Yes, I’m having a blog sale. Yes, there’s tons of awesome, once-swatched indies up for grabs (and even a few unopened ones). There’s also some commercial high-end and drugstore polishes, and some polishes that have been used more than a few times. These will be clearly marked and priced lower.

Buying more gets you cheaper polishes: Buy 5, get the 6th one (of equal or lower value) free, buy 10 and you get 3 (of equal or lower value) free. If you’re buying more than that, I’ll be sure to throw in some extras!

Prices are in Euro, but since payment is via Paypal, you don’t have to worry about that – you can set it to pay in € and it will apply its conversion rate and charge you in your home currency.

Shipping is from Austria, so it’s a great opportunity for Europeans to get some of those indie polishes without customs and with cheaper shipping. I’ll be in Germany in early July and can post packages from there at domestic rates for Germans (and cheaper rates for others than from Austria), same with the UK in late July.
Overseas shipping, however, is pretty expensive, but might be worth it for out-of-stock polishes, that’s up to you.

The first part of the blog sale (indie polishes) will be going up today, the second part (high-end commercial and drugstore polishes) probably tomorrow. You can reserve items for 72 hours.

But now let’s get back to the story, because there is a happy end.
Our heroine decided she’d just use the polishes left over for a while and see if she felt like blogging. She wasn’t done with nail art completely, she felt, just waiting for inspiration.

Captain Spacenails


  1. Hey, sweetie!! Sorry to hear the whole story but happy and hopeful about that ending, though :)
    I hope you can find time again for nail art and nail polish and if you don't, well... I hope you find the time to do something else that makes you smile :)
    lots of hugs were now sent your way * big kiss

    1. Thanks, sweetie! This isn't supposed to be final, but all those polishes sitting around not being used are making me feel guilty... My life's pretty good at the moment though, just keeping me so busy I don't even have time to read blogs anymore, let alone write!


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