Pretty cunning (OMD day 11: stripes)

Very sunny on top of being pretty cunning
Dear readers,

I'm pretty late posting this tonight, it's been one of those days... but I won't go to bed until I've shown you my stripe mani!
I wasn't sure what to do for today and was just going to do some random stripes, but then my order from Lucky 13 Lacquer arrived, which included a Firefly-themed polish: The Hero of Canton, the Man they Call Jayne. I know, longest polish name ever, right? But I appreciate a nice long quote when it's from one of my favourite shows.

I have a lot more to tell you about Lucky 13 and Kyoti, who is the woman behind it and is incredibly sweet and awesome, but I'll leave that for another day when I'm not in such a hurry to finish packing because yay, I'm going on holiday! I'll still be posting though - in fact, I'll finally have time to blog!


So back to the Jayne polish. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what kind of stripes to do: a Jayne hat! If you haven't seen Firefly, Jayne is this big coarse guy with more brawn than brains, but when he gets this knitted hat from his mother, he wears it all the time (despite the others snickering about it). You can't see it so well in the video below but it's yellow, orange and red. In addition to being "pretty cunning" and iconic geekwear, it was also the subject of a bit of nasty business when FOX decided to ban people from selling hats like it on etsy etc., despite it being one of the simplest knitting patterns and colour combinations out there. But I'm pretty confident they can't take my nails from me.

Here's a fan video that explains the whole Hero of Canton thing, complete with the song from which the polish takes it's name, but it's mildly spoilery, so watch out.

3-4 coats of Hero on its own, matte top coat

The other polishes used here are H&M Yellow, L'Oreal Lush Tangerine and Dior Diablotine (in what is probably the smallest and cutest polish sample bottle I have ever seen). For some reason it wouldn't photograph well, it's actually more orange, not that pinkish tone most of the pictures show.

Do you like Firefly? How do you like my hat? And have you seen today's other stripes yet?

11. Stripes :

The nail newbie (always a browncoat)

Note: Any links to external blogs or stores are pure link love - no advertising or affiliate linking going on here. I paid for everything (except the Dior, which was a drugstore freebie), but then, there is no power in the verse that could stop me from buying geeky polishes.


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