Snorkeling (OMD challenge day 26: Favourite holiday/vacation)

Dear readers,

Today's theme on the OMD Rather Awesome challenge is 'inspired by your favourite holiday/vacation'.
My favourite vacation is always the one I'm going on next, and this one starts next week so I love it even more than usually. I mentioned yesterday that I'm going to the seaside - what I didn't tell you is that it will be my first time snorkeling! Granted, the underwater world in the Mediterranean probably won't be as colourful as this, but I'm insanely excited nevertheless.

Hallo ihr Lieben,

wenn ich diesen Post schon auf Deutsch angekündigt hab, muss ich ihn eigentlich auch zumindest teilweise auf Deutsch schreiben... das heutige Thema der OMD-Challenge ist unser Lieblingsurlaub und das ist bei mir immer der, der grade bevorsteht. Nächste Woche fahr ich ans Mittelmeer und werd zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben schnorcheln! Ich bezweifle zwar, dass die Unterwasserwelt dort gar so prächtig ist wie auf meinen Nägeln, aber ich freu mich schon riesig!

The background is two layers of nail pattern boldness Slow Invasion (yes, a Doctor Who-themed polish!) over two layers of Lucky 13 Lacquers A Leaf on the Wind.

I layered because it takes a while for Slow Invasion to build up to opacity and, while pretty, that's a bit squishy if you're going to do nail art on it. It has another benefit too: The tiny golden glitters are visible through Slow Invasion and look like bubbles rising to the surface. (Much better than the other kind of nail polish bubbles ;) )

A Leaf on the Wind, two layers. This is one of the surprise ones from Kyoti and I need to wear it on its own very soon!

Slow Invasion (shown in matte on the right hand). It may look like the largest squares require fishing (hah - pun not really intended but I'll keep it) but I actually put some back because I preferred smaller 'fish'.

Anemones and corals

I love how it looks like it's full of fish even though I didn't draw a single one!Can't wait to go snorkeling!

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  1. Honey, this one turned out fantastic!!!! :D
    Love every bit of it including the word 'squishy' to define a polish hahaha
    And hope you have some really great holidays, sweetie! Enjoy them to their utmost <3

    1. Thanks sweetie! This is one of my favourite manis ever actually. I've done more complicated ones but this is just so pretty! I was going to do more nail art right after this but I couldn't bring myself to take it off.I can't stop staring at my hand (which is kinda embarrassing in public... ;) )

  2. This is so pretty! :) I can almost hear the waves. :)

  3. Amazing job! This is so cute! Love how it turned out!

    1. Thanks so much! There's a little bit of your Sea Dust in there too, covering the rocks :)


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