July Tri-Polish Challenge, Day 3: Ocean floor

Dear readers,

It's TPC day so double post day again and I've finally got a picture of the three polishes I'm using this month.
When I heard the colours for July were green and two blues, I started thinking about water and oceans, so my last two manis have an ocean theme. Today we've got silver fish weaving through the seaweed on the ocean floor - wish I were there, it's hot today...

For this mani I used p2 up in the air (the lighter blue), b.pretty lime green and boulevard de beauté 12 for the silver fish. And of course a matte top coat :)

catrice 875 it's all i can blue, p2 up in the air, b.pretty lime

See everyone else's manis in the linky below!

Thinking cool, refreshing thoughts
the nail newbie


  1. Loving the silver fishies - soooo cute! :D

  2. ps. I've been loving your natural light/outdoor photos :D

    1. Thanks! :)
      I prefer the daylight pictures too - this was taken at dusk, so I had to adjust colours a bit. I only get direct sunlight until about 2pm, then I'd have to go out on the street, but I can't always do nail art in the daytime... ah, problems ;)

  3. Aaw what an adorable manicure :)
    I love it :)
    Im a new follower btw, both through GFC and Bloglovin :)

    1. Thank you and welcome! I'm always thrilled when I get new followers. I hope you'll like it here! :)


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