Star Trek nails - standoff in space (and a real-life tricorder!)

 Nerdige Nägel - ich kann nicht genug davon bekommen. Habt ihr Star Trek schon gesehen? Und falls ihr Raumschiff Enterprise-Fans seid, schaut mal weiter runter zum Tricorder-Link - coole Sache, oder? Da kommt man sich richtig vor wie Pille.
You know when I said I was a trekkie? Well, I wasn't kidding. There were so many fantastic images in the movie that didn't leave me alone (plus I saw it a second time) so I had to do another mani.


For the geeks among you, this is a mashup of this screenshot and the scene at 2:13 in this trailer, part of which you can see in this picture. For everyone else: The USS Enterprise is on the left, the USS Vengeance on the right, but all you really need to know that it's a battle in space. So basically, full of awesome.

The polishes I used may seem familiar to you - yes, this was originally intended as a tri-polish challenge manicure in May but it didn't seem right to use it because the red and blue play only minor roles and the overall impression is certainly more of black and white. The only "new" one here (but still within the tri-polish rules) is the glitter topper, which will get its own post soon because it's filled with win.
I have at least one other idea for nail art inspired by the movie and there probably will be more Star Trek nail art coming because I'm currently in the process of re-watching the original series with its papier-maché rocks, monsters with visible puppet strings, questionable story lines (gigantic evil cats in magician's castles in space, I'm looking at you!), the people on the bridge throwing themselves left and right to simulate being shaken when the Enterprise is hit, good old Leonard "Eyebrows" Nimoy as Spock, the unbelievably cool Nichelle Nichols as Uhura, and William Shatner as Captain Kirk, the original space cowboy and ladies' man. 
Man, it's so good. I grew up on that stuff and watching it is like coming home. 

For any trekkies reading this, I had a bit of a geek-out over this project on Indiegogo (which is a crowdfunding page like Kickstarter but you have other payment options than Amazon and I'm really sad Kickstarter only uses Amazon payments because now I can't help put a TARDIS into space :/ ): a real medical tricorder. It sounds amazing and I'm tempted to get one just for the coolness of it although I have no real need for a constant heart rate, stress level or blood pressure monitor. My nail polish shopping behaviour is a pretty accurate way of telling me what my stress level is and I think the tricorder would try to rush me to hospital for the way my heart rate soars when I see holo polish swatches. But it's so neat!

Just a shame Indiegogo's headline in the newsletter was "Heal me up, Scotty!", and other articles are using the Beam me up, Scotty line as well, even though a tricorder has little to nothing to do with beaming. Get your nerd references right, people! Though admittedly, it is a better tagline than if they'd used what Doctor McCoy usually says while holding a tricorder: "He's dead, Jim."

The nerdy and possibly slightly hipster nail newbie


  1. hhahaha
    laughed from head to bottom with this post of yours! :D
    You are such a trekkie indeed - I could feel, literally, your excitment haha
    And the manicure is amazing, sweetheart! Although I'm not a huge fan (don't kill me with your laser beams now, please, please), I couldn't help but get a tad more excited about going to see the movie tomorrow! ;)

    1. Hehehe thank you sweetie! Don't worry, I won't kill you - if I did, you couldn't watch the movie ;)
      I hope you enjoy it even though you aren't a fan - have fun tonight!

    2. Now... what I really meant was: don't kill me with your PHASERS! ;)
      haha - now that's correct :)
      I did enjoy the movie and then I got home and watched the 1st one, I hadn't yet - my BF is the one who likes ST, you see :)
      But it was fun, I have to agree **

    3. Hehe, I didn't want to be all nerdy and correct you - I won't kill you with phasers or lasers ;)
      I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I'm glad you had fun :)


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