Conversations with myself (Holo addiction)

They call it internal monologue, but for me, it’s more of an internal dialogue.

“Yes, they’re very pretty.” 
“But when you bought those spectraflair topcoats, you said we’d never have to buy holos again.”
“You’re so naive. Have you met me? Of course I have to buy more polish.”
“But you said you could just put it on your favourite polishes and turn them into holos.”
“Yes, I could. But none of my polishes is that exact shade of green! And the holo looks different!” 
“Okay, so maybe one or two. I must admit, that green holo is exceptionally pretty.”
“There’s three different greens there. And you just ordered another green holo yesterday.”
“Point taken. But think of the shipping.”
“They’ve reduced shipping.”
“Maybe, but we might have to pay customs.”
“But see, if I buy this many polishes, the import duties will still be lower than the shipping for a second order would be. So I’m actually saving us money by buying more!
“You already said that with yesterday’s order.”
“That does not invalidate my argument.”
“I'm not sure it's valid in the first place...Well, okay then, but make sure the import duties you’re incurring stay below shipping costs.”
“But then I can’t take all the greens!”
“... You must be gutted they reduced shipping.”
Literary Lacquers: Green Gables, Lake of Shining Waters, Raspberry Cordial?, More Like Fire Than Light

(Two hours later)

“I see you finally decided, just got the order confirmation. Good work not going over the customs limit, but I don’t see any greens.”
“Yeah, I changed my mind. I really wanted the blue and the purple and you were right, that green kinda looked similar to the one I ordered yesterday and OH GOD I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE GREEN SHOULDN'T I?!"
“Well, you're not getting it now, you already placed the order."

I Love Nail Polish: Bohemian Peacock, Amanda Hugginkiss, Blue Steel

(Ten days later)

“They’re here! They’re here!”
“Which order?”
“Both! Look how pretty!

“Wow. Just wow.”
“I knew you’d like them!”
“Hey, just because I’m trying to be the voice of reason here doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate polish.”
“And look what a pretty rainbow they make together.”
“So we don’t have to buy the whole range of Dance Legend Prism holos after all?”
“Haha. You’re funny.”
All the glorious holos in a row. Swatches coming soon. Spoiler: I'm in love!  
Also, I totally should've gotten the green one all the colours.

Note: Any links to external blogs or stores are pure link love - no advertising or affiliate linking going on here. I paid for everything, as my rational side would be happy to tell you if it weren't so busy oohing and aahing about the polishes.


  1. This is soooooooo true!!! :)
    Except Ihave this conversation with BF - he's my voice of reason (I notice lately I've been off to buy polish on my own a lot more hahah)
    Great post - still laughing - and hey! They are gorgeous afterall ;)

    1. Well, I don't have anyone else to keep me in check so my voice of reason has to try. She's not very successful ;)


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