Star Trek: Into Dorkness (spoiler-free)

Diesmal nur auf Englisch. Zusammenfassung: Ich hab mir gestern Star Trek Into Darkness angeschaut und kann es nur empfehlen :)

Looking all smart in their wee Starfleet uniforms (matte)
I don't think I've mentioned this, but given my other interests, you probably won't be awfully surprised to hear I'm a trekkie.

So last night I saw the new Star Trek movie, Into Darkness. Oh. My. God. Good old prime directive, new enemies, old bromance, Spock being very spocky. And that's pretty much all I can tell you without spoiling the movie, so if you haven't seen it yet (and I realise it’s only coming out in the US next week), go see it. Even if it's just because of Benedict Cumberbatch. (Note: I do not think he's the only reason you should watch it. You should watch it because it's a Star Trek movie and it's great. But I did have the feeling that several of the girls in the audience had accompanied their boyfriends mainly because of him. Hey, if it gets people who normally wouldn't dream of watching this "dorky sci-fi stuff" into Star Trek, it's all fine.)
These seem to be in dress uniform (w/o matte topcoat)

A word on Mr Cumberbatch, though. I don't usually recognise actors, which means I suck at film quizzes but makes suspension of disbelief very easy for me. When I do recognise someone, it's pretty hard, and suddenly I'm watching a movie about a hijacked train with Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and James Bond, or annoying but sweet little Dawn Summers from Buffy all mean and manipulative and coked off her head in New York (this was particularly traumatic because I really could see Dawn going off the rails like that had season six played out differently.)

Having watched and re-watched Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, and given that he's got quite a distinctive look (not to mention voice), I could probably recognise him anywhere, so I was a bit worried. It is a measure of his great skills as an actor that I was able to watch the movie and not go "Sherlock in space!" or even "Benedict Cumberbatch in space!" but to see the character he was playing, and to base liking or not liking him on the character's actions, not on the fact that I like the actor.
(I did wonder what Mickey Smith from Doctor Who was doing there, so it's definitely not just me being able to immerse myself for once.)

As you can see, I dressed my nails in wee Starfleet uniforms for the occasion*. I think as long as I don't send my ring fingers on an away mission, I should be fine.

For the thumbs, I tried to recreate two of the posters. Not very detailed, of course (maybe I should get one of those watchmakers' eyepieces...), but I think you can get the general idea. On the left, we have the teaser poster with John Harrison standing amid wreckage, and on the right is the US poster with the ship falling to Earth.


Do you like Star Trek? Are you going to watch it?

Live long and prosper,

The nail newbie

*I may or may not have dressed myself in a Starfleet uniform as well.

Making of:

Colours used:
  • h&m yellow
  • s-he 285
  • OPI - Cajun shrimp
  • LOOK - red 
  • Flormar supermatte 127
  • LOOK nailtattoo liner black
  • Boulevard de beauté 17

The red's one layer LOOK on top of two layers of Cajun Shrimp

  • Flormar supermatte 127
  • p2 up in the sky
  • Nola petrol
  • LOOK black
  • s-he white (115) 
  • h&m orange 

sketchy sketch
All done!


  1. 'I may or may have not dressed myself in a Starfleet uniform as well.'

    hahaha - these look dorkly cute! :D


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