Tri-Polish Tuesday: Elephants and balloons

It's the final tri-polish Tuesday of February and after several uninspired weeks I've finally got some nail art I'm actually pleased with! I used the same grey and pink as for the other tri-polish manis this month and added a bit of glitter, which unfortunately doesn't show quite as well on the pictures as it did in person (and even then it was subtle). Huh, who knew subtle glitter was a thing?

I made this a while ago for my niece's birthday - she loves elephants (and balloons!) and enjoyed looking at my nails. I really liked this mani and was sad when I had to take it off again for an appointment where it wouldn't have been appropriate. (It is a sad day when elephants are inappropriate.)

I'm not sure what it is about them that makes them so endearing, but elephants are the best! Don't you agree?
Check out the linky below for more grey, pink and brown! Next month's colours are green, blue and purple. Want to play?

Captain Elephantnails


  1. 'It is a sad day when elephants are inappropriate.' hehehe :)
    I've been missing your posts and your writing, which always gets me in a good mood ;)
    These are cute indeed and I might return for a couple more looks for TPC - have been missing it, actually **

  2. Aaaawwwww Töörööööh! Die sind ja suuuuper goldig!


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