All Tomorrow's Parties

Info for my German readers: Liebe Leserinnen, dieser Post ist nur auf Englisch, ich hoffe ihr könnt trotzdem etwas damit anfangen und nehmt vielleicht auch am Contest teil!

When I hear "indie", my first thought is always music. That's the context in which I first heard the expression, and indie rock has accompanied me since my teens. So when I saw Kayla Shevonne was holding an indie polish contest, I knew my design would incorporate indie music in some way.

Now there are lots of definitions of what constitutes indie music, some stricter than others, but I chose to pay homage to the following artists, who mean a lot to me:

The Velvet Underground, represented by Andy Warhol's famous banana*, because they were indie before the word even existed.

Radiohead, represented by their bear logo, because they certainly sound indie and self-publishing In Rainbows as a pay-as-you-wish download was a very indie thing to do. 

Morrissey, because he essentially is indie music. He also, sadly, does not have a simple logo or album cover I could use, so he got a portrait based on this photo

The guitar and LP represent all the rest: the sound, the creativity, the live shows, the ratty band t-shirts, the muddy festivals, and the uncounted timeless hours I've spent in record shops looking for old rarities and new releases.

These pictures show off the lovely glitter and holo of the polishes best.
The photo props are some of my treasures - yes, I still own mix tapes. Not many, but there are some that I just cannot part with, even if I've parted ways with the people who made them for me a long time ago.

I used a-england Princess Tears for the background, a-england Elaine for the art, and a dash of Literary Lacquers Laters, Baby for the guitar strings and the record label. If you want to join the contest, you can enter until 30 April on Nails by Kayla Shevonne. (I'd recommend checking out her blog in any case to see her great nail art and tutorials!)

I hope you enjoyed my (once again very literal) take on the theme!

The indie nail newbie

*It's alright to snicker, I won't tell.


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