River Song

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It's been a while since I posted geeky nail art, so how about some River Song?

I didn’t think I’d have that much to write about her but once I started, a whole post happened. Because she is wonderful and mad and at first I didn’t like her at all but it’s hard to resist the lure of someone so badass and resourceful. I confess, I was jealous of what she had with the Doctor, but now I’m rather more jealous of what the Doctor had with her. And I just know we’d be best buddies, because I’d ask something and she’d be all “Shh, spoilers!” and I’d be all “Thanks for the warning, never mind then – in fact, please don’t tell me, I hate spoilers!” and then she’d grin at me and snog me with her psychedelic lipstick and wait, what? Did I type that out loud?

Right, let’s get back to the lady herself. I have two wonderful polishes dedicated to her: Melody Malone aka River Song from LynBDesigns and Hello, Sweetie from Nail Pattern Boldness. (Well, actually I have three, but I'll have to feature LynBDesigns' Bespoke Psychopath some other time.) Interestingly, they’re all varying shades of purple. It’s not like she wears a lot of purple, but somehow the colour seems right for her.

For nail art, I chose her alter ego Melody Malone as shown on the cover of the book the Doctor is reading in The Angels Take Manhattan (then they take Berlin). Did you know that this story has actually been published as a book and, more importantly, as an audiobook read by River Song herself? I got it from Audiogo but you can also get it directly from the BBC store and other places.

I think it looks better before the addition of the smoking gun, because that causes the lines to muddle up, but I thought it was a good look for Hello, Sweetie as well so I just added three coats of that on top of Melody Malone aka River Song for the second look.

Melody Malone aka River Song spreads nicely and evenly like the other LynBDesigns shown in this post, though I did have some striping on the first layer. It’s a gorgeous lilac full of golden sparkles, pretty and still something you might be able to pull off at work. Like River, there are hidden depths to it.

Hello, Sweetie by Nail Pattern Boldness is simply glorious! The translucent reddish purple base is filled with gold, black and red glitter and spreads beautifully. Nail Pattern Boldness is one of my favourite indies – Slow Invasion blew my mind and this isn’t far behind.

With matte topcoat

I'm not even going to get into the feels that I have about the last appearances of River Song. Nope. But the feels I have about these polishes are wonderful, so why don't we focus on that? (Feel free to let your feels run wild in the comments though.)

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