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Before you start reading, please be aware that this post contains information about the new Doctor. I'll hide videos behind links and won't actually use the actor's name but my comments may still give something away, so if you’re trying to avoid spoilers, enter at your own risk.

Dear readers,

Welcome to the next edition of Friday Flailing!

Last week I told you about my stance on spoilers and how I chose to deal with them in the case of Sherlock. Now it’s time for another of my favourite shows, Doctor Who.

I really didn’t want to know. And then I decided I did, so I’d have time to get used to the new Doctor before Christmas. I fully expect to be underwhelmed and then grow to love him slowly as the eighth series unfolded. Neil Gaiman says it here much more eloquently than me.

But you know what? The instant I heard him say “I’m the Doctor”, I knew he was telling the truth. He IS the Doctor.

There’s been a lot of criticism (more so than with previous Doctors, I think): Time Lords can swap gender, so a female Doctor was a possibility, and instead it’s a man again, and a white one at that. And he’s not even ginger. But quite honestly, I don’t care. Because LOOK at him. He has the classic Doctor Who look. And that little smirk when he says he’s the Doctor, like he’s telling you a secret? That reminds me so badly of the Tenth Doctor it hurts (and Ten is my Doctor).

Am I Ginger? - No, once again. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Some people complain he’s too old to be the Doctor – I beg to differ. People also complained Matt Smith was too young to be the Doctor. Previous Doctors have been older. Canon-wise, it doesn’t matter. The guy is about a thousand years old. And you know what? I actually like it. (And let’s face it, he IS slim and a little bit foxy... )
Why yes, yes you are (Slim and a Little Bit Foxy)

(And as others have pointed out, he did play a WHO doctor in World War Z – best unintentional hint ever!)

I’m looking forward to seeing him in action – and hopefully in interaction with Clara and a certain spoiler-abhorring lady. I started writing a few lines about the latter, but I think she deserves her own post. Look out for River Song polishes, nail art and fangirling next week on Fantabulous Friday Fangirl Flailing! (I still can’t decide in what order those words belong – let’s just call it FFFF, okay?)

I’m sure I will cry when Eleven goes and I’ll miss his bowties and crazy hair, but I don’t think I’ll be as heartbroken as I was when Ten regenerated, because I know a wonderful new Doctor is just around the corner. Welcome, Twelve.

LynBDesigns Am I Ginger? Three coats, sunlight.

For today’s nail art I used LynBDesigns polishes from two of her Doctor Who collections. It shows Doctors Nine to Twelve in Slim and a Little Bit Foxy over Am I Ginger? All nail art shots except for the one at the bottom are with a coat of Lucky 13 Lacquers Revenge is Suede

I'm not too happy with the nail art - well, Nine and Eleven turned out alright but I had issues with David's glasses and chin. It didn't look quite right without but I couldn't get the shape right. Twelve was tricky because we don't know his distinctive features / clothing style as a Doctor yet. His hair isn't as distinctive either. But I am sure this time next year there will be just the perfect little detail that will characterise him just as much as Matt's bowtie.

The formula, as always, is wonderful to work with. It spreads evenly and dries rather quickly. Am I Ginger is an orange linear holo with quite a good bend. It’s not as crazy holo-y as ILNP's ultra-holos but about on a par with Literary Lacquers. Here it is on its own and in comparison with Literary Lacquers Greatest Treasures (middle finger) and More Like Fire Than Light (pinkie).

Slim and a Little Bit Foxy is a stormy slate grey with dark green particles that are only visible in sunlight. Here it is on its own and with one coat of Oh You Beautiful Idiot, which is from the Innuendos in Space collection just like Slim and a Little Bit Foxy.

What do you think of the new Doctor? Which one is your favourite?

Happy Friday!
Capt. Spacenails


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