Different Dimension: Never grow up & Money

Dear readers,

check it out, it's a review with a proper swatch! No nail art in sight anywhere. Crazy, eh? Well, with polishes this fun and sparkly, you don't really need anything else.

This is one of Different Dimension's recently released polishes, Never Grow Up. It reminded me of Money, so I grabbed it when I was reordering that one, but where Money has small and large glitters in various shades of green and blue as well as black, white and silver holo, Never Grow Up has only silver holo and blue in a milky white base with a blue, glassfleck-type shimmer. So while I am attracted to both for the same reasons (huge circle glitters! White crelly!), they are different enough for me to want them both.

I think Money seems more playful, while Never Grow Up has a somewhat crisper air to it. It can be fun and playful, but with its snow-blue shimmer (especially in matte) it's about as close to sophisticated as a glitter-loaded polish can get.

Here's a comparison for you. The two fingers on the right are matted, the other two have a glossy top coat (second pic). It doesn't make a lot of difference - in fact, I think I prefer the glossy version of Money - but the blue shimmer of Never Grow Up shows up really nicely in the matte version.

The full hand mani of Never Grow Up is without a top coat because it spread so smoothly. I went swimming that day and oh, you should have seen it in the clear green water! Between the sun and the water, my hands that were all but trailing sparkles as I was swimming. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me, but you should try it sometime. 

Both of these polishes spread well and are opaque in three coats. I have the impression the base of Never Grow Up might be a bit more opaque than Money's, where the first coat seems to consist of more glitter than base. Particularly the latter is chock full of glitter, but if you want large circles in either of these, you may have to fish a bit, though not excessively.
You can find these at Different Dimension's etsy shop, but you'll have to wait for the next restock if you want Never Grow Up or its pastel purple sister Today Was a Fairytale (but you can't have that because I want it, so forget all about it, sorry about that).

As always, I'm doing this review because I feel like it and want to show you pretty polish - I bought these pretties myself. I know it says so in my disclaimer and we don't have blog disclosure laws like in the US, but I doubt everyone reads the disclaimer so I sometimes add one to my reviewier posts. That said, I'm not generally opposed to writing reviews for indie polish makers in exchange for sample products, I just never have been asked to do so. If I did, you can be sure it will be clearly labeled as such and as honest as all my other reviews.

Have a nice weekend and go swimming if you can!



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