Here Be Dragons - Smaug nail art (no spoilers)

Dear readers,

I.O.U. - a review of His Last Vow. But to be honest, that Sherlock season finale was filled with so many brilliant and funny and unexpected (and any combination of those) scenes that I'm still not quite sure what to think. Meaning, I need to watch it again and then I need to write about it, and that could take a while. I'm pretty busy with work at the moment, so I'll just try to get it done by the time the episode airs in the US...

In the meantime, have a dragon. No review of the Hobbit (reasons: see above), just the eye of Smaug amid his hoard of gold.

Stay safe and don't meddle in the affairs of dragons!

Captain Dragonnails


  1. Sieht ja geil aus! Der Glitzer um das Auge erweckt den Anschein, als wären es Schuppen, echt cool!

    1. Danke! Genau den Effekt wollt ich erzielen :)


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