When you get spoilered by your dreams (no actual spoilers unless I'm clairvoyant)

Last night I dreamed my favourite university professor from way back, an intelligent and feisty silver-haired lady who could give Helen Mirren a run for her money, spoilered Sherlock S3 for me. I was in class and she came in late, complaining what a waste of time it had been, she'd been on set to shoot her scene with Andrew Scott and he just hadn't turned up. Then she went on to tell how that was part of the How to Beat an Irishman storyline in the new season, which was all about Moriarty not being dead after all. I nearly started to cry and yelled "omg spoilers!" at the top of my lungs in the lecture hall. Then a bit later I actually dreamed part of that Moriarty story and it was really good. But I was still upset I'd been spoilered.

On that note, universe: please no more spoilers. I'm not looking at the released photos, series promo or setlock, especially after I was warned one of them could be considered a spoiler. There's also a new interactive trailer out that's apparently the bee's knees, and I'm a bit scared of it. Well, I already read the disgustingly detailed synopsis of the first episode on the BBC site by accident, so I know a bit of what's going to happen, but I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with the implications of an interactive trailer for that episode after the intense feels and the stories my mind started cooking up last time.

I was going to post about my anticipation, but any research I do or gif I look for will inevitably get me spoilered, so I'll just leave it at this. Have a great weekend! I, for one, will be watching Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller in Frankenstein (otherwise known as That Play With The Two Sherlocks Switching Roles And Getting Naked, Except On The Days They Recorded It, Which I Can Understand and Appreciate Because The Theatre's Going To Be Full Of Screaming, Fainting Girls Already, Don't Need To Add To That, It's A Theatre Play Not A One Direction Concert Ferchrissakes).
Captain Spacenails

The polish is LynBDesigns Let's Start With the Riding Crop, contrast nail in Eloquent Dust and Quoth the Raven (also LynBDesigns). Look at it sparkle in the sunlight like a vampire!


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