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Dear readers,

Today I read a wonderful post about blogging. Andrea at The Bookish Babe wrote about her blogging-related doubts and problems, about the self-imposed pressure and the stress of numbers. It struck a chord with me, because many of the things she mentioned affect me as well and were the reason I stopped blogging for the last few months.
Strangely, a post that might have made me question my blogging half a year ago now inspired me and helped me get back to what's essential: to blog for my own enjoyment. 

If editing pictures is stressful, I won't strive for the perfect picture. 
If posting every Friday (or otherwise regularly) is a weight on my shoulder, I won't. 
If participating in challenges becomes a chore, I'll only participate when I feel like it. 
If outdoing my previous nail art every time takes the enjoyment out of doing my nails, I'll be happy to post simple one-polish manis. 
If I just want to write and don't have a picture to go with it, I'll just go ahead and post it anyway instead of letting it languish in the Drafts folder for months. 
And if writing the same post in two languages feels like work, I'll just use whichever language comes naturally.

After reading Andrea's post I started to browse my blog and thought "hey, this blog isn't so bad. I should do more of this." So I wrote this post. Who knows when I will write the next one. I won't sweat it.

This post does have pictures though. One of the things I've been doing the last few months (besides working way too much) is home improvement. I painted a few bits of furniture, hence the wonderfully unedited, unwatermarked real-life splatter mani you see here :)

I also noticed a very misleading typo on my About page. It said "So here you have it: Geekdom, polish and general nerdery. Except fangirling." Wow, that couldn't have been more wrong. That's expect. My apologies to anyone who wasn't expecting the massive fangirling in my fandom-related posts.

Remember kids, spellcheck can only get you so far! 

Captain paintynails out


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