First Contact (About)

Long-time nerd, recent nail polish lover. 
I have a highly addictive personality so it shouldn’t have surprised me when an attempt at using more than one polish at a time quickly turned into a full-blown obsession with nail art. Drawing has never been my forte but something about using my nails as a canvas for ephemeral paintings really appeals to my creativity. As the geeky manicures started outweighing the others, I felt the need to reflect that in my blog design as well. 

So here you have it: Geekdom, polish and general nerdery. Expect fangirling. 

Live long and polish. 


Hi! I love getting comments!
Comment moderation is enabled so your comment won't appear right away but at least you can be sure I read every single comment and try to answer them as fast as possible :)

Hallo! Ich freu mich sehr über jeden Kommentar!
Da sie moderiert sind, erscheinen sie nicht sofort, aber dafür könnt ihr euch sicher sein, dass ich auch jeden einzelnen lese :) Ich werd so schnell wie möglich darauf antworten.

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